Mr Fogg’s Tavern, London… Liquid Lunch

Mr Fogg’s Tavern is a nice little pub located on St Martin’s Lane in Covent Garden,

It was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so we decided to take them somewhere a bit fancy for lunch and a few drinks. We had hoped to go to the Gin Parlour and make our way through the gin safari, but we needed a minimum of 6 people and it wasn’t open until later, bummer. We reserved a table at the Tavern and were lucky to get a nice little spot right at the back of the Tavern with all the dead furry animals, lovely.

On first appearances the Tavern looks like any other pub, however when inside it is quite different. The décor could be said to be cluttered with bits and bobs, including stuffed animals, which were a bit weird, but all added to the atmosphere. The music played was not your average music, it was like going back in time and all added to create a very calm atmosphere, that is until the flasks of cocktails began flowing! Oh yea mum’s a lightweight!

We all opted for the pies on the menu, these were either chicken or beef and bacon served with mash and greens. We also ordered a variety of gin and vodka based cocktails starting with the punch of the bison, double vodka, cheeky!

Initially, when the cocktails arrived we were slightly disappointed as it came in a flask rather than the bowl and ladle that was pictured on the menu, we obviously thought we were being duped out of our lunch time vodka, however they did not disappoint in taste. They were not watered down with too much juice as many cocktails are and they still packed a lot of flavour, by flavour I mean vodka!

The pies came next, these were delicious! It’s always a bit risky taking dad out for a meal he’s a ‘where’s the meat’ kind of bloke and I was slightly concerned when the food arrived and the pies were dry inside (who the…makes dry pies!), however there was no need to worry. They were packed full of meat and full of flavour, the gravy being served separately and just adding to the flavour. The mash potato was also real mash and the perfect creamy consistency without being sloppy. Having worked in a pie and mash shop for a number of years I obviously believe I am the connoisseur of pie and mash!

The portion size was also perfect for a lunch time, although we may have needed a bit more lining of our stomach considering how good the cocktails were! Mum now on her 3rd slightly swinging on her chair.

We stayed for a few more drinks/flasks after finishing our meal and then sauntered out of the pub on a bit of a vodka/gin high. The staff were extremely friendly and very attentive during our whole time. It was however not a cheap lunch!

What Mr Foggs Tavern says about itself:

“Greeted by a raucous welcome, guests can revel in real ales, ‘mother’s ruin’ gin cocktails  and grog in traditional tankards and pewter cups. Weary travellers will be able to tuck into honest  fare including ‘London’s finest pie’ and roast of the day sandwiches all day and night.”

My Rating for a Lunch Venue: 8/10

My Pie Rating: 9/10


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