Rawberri, Los Angeles… Pre-hike breakfast

wp_20160908_003Breakfast the most important meal of the day, or so we’re told!

This organic superfood café is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, http://www.rawberri.com/.

We were sceptical at first, it only being our second day in America, when thinking breakfast our second thought was obviously either iHop or Denny’s! However today we were planning on walking up Runyon Canyon so we thought a healthy nutritious breakfast would be better, right?!?

Rawberri is small and quirky, and had a variety of healthy breakfast options… YUM! We ordered 2 berry bliss bowls with vanilla protein. It took longer than expected to make, nothing having to be cooked I assumed this would be a quick job however it seemed that the waitress was constructing a masterpiece from berries and honey. She also didn’t say much, or anything, yea she didn’t speak, there was no talking. This I found weird, generally American’s are very chatty people, helpful, smiley, tip hungry! Not this lass though!

The bowl of goodness finally arrived and we tucked in, maybe a little too fast! I’m not really someone who takes their time with food, I’m more of an inhaler than a chewer… Complete brain freeze, I was not expecting there to be ice in a bowl described as bliss. It was tasty don’t get me wrong, just unexpectedly ice cold!

We sat on the swing chairs and enjoyed the fresh fruit with ICE COLD protein. The bowls contained more than you would think, there was plenty and it was filling, or maybe I just ate it slower not quite wanting to risk another brain freeze. It wasn’t pancakes, bacon, egg and hash browns from iHop but I’d say it was still tasty and healthy!

What Rawberri says about itself:

“Rawberri was born on the basic principals of having healthy, organic, dairy free, gluten free & soy free Açai bowls, seasonal superfruit bowls and other refreshments without any added preservatives or artificial flavorings. Our bowls are an excellent source of dietary fiber and natural energy. Full of vitamins, antioxidants Without ever having to compromise on flavour.”

My Rating for a Breakfast Venue: 6/10






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