The Tavern, Widnes… Turkish Night (not quite Istanbul)

The Tavern is a pub located on Upton Lane in Widnes,



We’ve been here a few times for food and drinks and on our last visit, which is still very blurry, we woke to find a flyer in the bottom of my bag for Turkish Night!

Now I am a big fan of a kebab, whether sober or uncontrollably intoxicated I will find myself a kebab on the way home. So we were obviously a little over excited about Turkish Night.

We have been to a themed night at the Tavern before, American Night, however to our despair there was no country music, wings, super-sized meals or burgers wrapped in doughnuts and syrup. So although we were looking forward to this, we weren’t getting our hopes up and I had obviously already decided on a back-up meal from the usual menu.

We arrived at the Tavern and headed to the bar first. We ordered a couple of Turkish beers, Efes, bought in special, the night was already beating America Night!

After we were seated we were given the Turkish menu, OoOoOoOoOo and also the usual menu, just in case.


Chicken Iskenda



There were a good few choices but it all came down to a tossup between the ‘Ottoman Chicken’ and the ‘Chicken Iskenda’, in the end I went for the Ottoman Chicken described as Ottoman spiced Chicken Skewer served with Chilli Jam, Rice and Pitta Bread.

The food did take a while to come out, but this may have been because we had a celebrity in our midst! Yes, none other than Jennifer Ellison, who?!? Jennifer Ellison, who?!? Ok so after googling Jennifer Ellison, I am now aware that she is an actress famous for Brookside, who’s weight has been fluctuating over the years. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a workout video on the go. But anyway, this could have been the reason for our delayed meal! Not impressed!

The food came up, it looked pretty good and we tucked in. Now, I had been looking forward to this meal all day, by looking forward to it I mean I had been daydreaming about succulent juicy chicken, fresh salad, a little sauce, fresh pitta, rice… the works. What I got was not this! Disappointed was an understatement, the local kebabbies was better! Not only was it a little dry but the chilli jam accompaniment was missing from the Ottoman Chicken, we later realised that this had found its way onto the Chicken Iskenda!

img_20170301_205747_664I had clearly chosen the wrong dish, the Chicken Iskenda I am told was AMAZING and was clearly the better option. I had the ultimate food envy!

After finishing the waitress came back with the dessert menus, the Turkish dessert menu, OoOoOoOoOo and the usual dessert menu, just in case.

We ordered the ‘Lokma’ Turkish doughnuts and the Chocolate Brownie Sundae from the usual menu. Now this made up for everything! Not only was the sundae, huge but it was delicious. The cream on top was filled with little brownies and something which tasted a little like Eton Mess, there were 3 scoops ice cream, chocolate and vanilla and chocolate sauce. The doughnuts were equally tasty, two doughnuts coated in sugar with caramel and chocolate sauces!


All in all I believe Turkish night was a success, for those who chose the Chicken Iskenda! We also picked up their next flyer ‘A Night in China!’

What the Tavern says about itself:

“The Tavern is situated in a desirable residential area on Upton Lane.. We are the ideal venue to enjoy a quiet drink alone or with friends, a snack or a great value meal. Our food menu has a varied selection of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes.”

My Rating for a Dinner Venue: 7/10

My Kebab Rating: 4/10


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