Pacific Beach, San Diego… Boogie Boarding

I have previously been dubbed ‘shark biscuit’ for my surfing skills when travelling in Australia, therefore the idea of boogie boarding had never really appealed to me, but I will try anything once!

instagramcapture_c9a62b6d-c3bb-4d12-802e-7a2f916ceb61We were walking along the front scouring the shops for the best deal – as every Brit has been taught to do by their dad! Our 3rd time round we found the perfect place, we walked in and started making our way through the boards trying to find the cheapest not noticing that there was a little Chinese lady hidden amongst t-shirts, caps and sun-glasses!

“TOO BIG”.. say what?! She quickly came out of hiding to show us some of the rental boards, we had however chosen our board. The cheapest of them all, a little bright yellow one.

“Nooooo… you tooo big!” Ok so now she was calling us fat and gesturing that somehow we were equivalent to sumo wrestlers! The little Chinese lady started laughing, clearly noticing the look on our faces. She went on to say, whilst still laughing, that if we bought the particular board we had chosen that we would snap it in half trying to boogie board – just the boost you need before you go half naked onto a beach full of bronzed, beach ball loving, surfing Californians! I would also add at this point that I am not suited to beaches, I am freckly with curly hair. Now by this I do not mean that I have cute freckles and beach waves. I mean I have ginger skin and an uncontrollable fro!

Obviously not wanting to risk the humiliation of this being our actual fate, we opted for the large rental boogie board that had been recommended.

We made our way onto the beach, which was perfect, and picked a nice little spot close to instagramcapture_886dee48-80d2-46c4-b0a9-8fee194d578cthe sea but not too close after our Malibu fiasco (this is a whole other story!).

So, about an hour after renting the board we finally walked down to the sea to try this bad boy out! What we had not factored in was the temperature of the sea – ICE COLD!! We decided that maybe giving it another half an hour or so would make it a little warmer – maybe it was too early?!?!

Another hour passed and this was it, ‘shark biscuit’ was making her debut at boogie boarding! WOW – I don’t mean to brag but I’m amazing.. It’s amazing.. why have I never done this before?? Is it a sport?!? I reckon I could win!! I need a t-shirt that says I boogie boarded in Pacific Beach and I am da BOMB!

I didn’t want to stop but as we had only rented one board we had to take it in turns.. I then became like a boogie boarding cheer leader! I did not account however for the fact that I was still in the sea and if I did not move or jump that wave was going to get me! I waited for the wave to come turned and watched the board catch it and suddenly I was under! It took me, it threw me around and chucked me out when it was finished. WHAT A RUSH! That was as much fun as boogie boarding. I wasn’t even concerned that it had also had its way with my bikini.

We carried on until our bodies went numb! This by far was one of my favourite days in San Diego!

Beach Rating: 9/10

Activity Rating: 10/10wp_20160913_15_12_36_pro_1


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