KFC, Liverpool… The Dirty Louisiana

Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Strand, Liverpool, www.kfc.com.

imag0157_1I try to eat healthy – who doesn’t?! But sometimes all you need is a legend box from KFC, today was one of those days.

I pass the KFC on the strand everyday on the way home from work; I usually just glance across but today I headed straight for it.

My usual order would be a zinger tower burger box meal…large! However today I noticed a new burger on the menu, the Dirty Louisiana burger, original recipe fillet with black pepper mayo, lettuce, deluxe BBQ sauce, cheese, hash brown, cheese, supercharger sauce and gherkins served in a new chargrilled bun.. WOW!

Now I know what you’re thinking, 3 sauces and 2 lots of cheese this is going to be one messy burger, could even be sloppy, could be an utter let down and a complete waste of aimag0158_1_1 KFC trip! But in the colonel we trust!

I ordered the Dirty Louisiana burger box meal. The burger came with a piece of chicken, chips, corn and a drink. The restaurant was not busy and I was served straight away. I opted to take out as not only are the lights in those places noone’s friend but these types of meals are not designed to be eaten in a fitted work suit. The only way they can be eaten is whilst wearing the ultimate of lounge attire – hoody and joggers.

I headed home having a cheeky chip on the drive back, I couldn’t resist. I got in, got straight in my lounge attire and sat down to devour the feast!

I went straight in for the burger. Now, when approaching a burger like this there is a certain method to be used which I like to call the bite and twist. You can’t just dive in and eat from one side, this will result in the burger slipping and you ending up with just bun left, devastating. So, the way to do it is bite and then twist the burger eating the edge first and being left with the best bit in the  middle. This way each bite will include all the ingredients within the burger… mind blown! This is the ONLY way to eat a burger of this dimension and it was AMAZING!imag0159_1

The construction of the burger was incredible, the fact there were 3 sauces and double cheese did not affect the bun or make the burger overly messy or sloppy, it remained intact and each sauce could be tasted. It was a little bit spicy, you could taste the pepper in the mayo and also the crunch of the gherkin. Well done colonel, well done!

The chips were equally as tasty, the chicken juicy and crispy and the corn tasty and fresh but the main event was definitely the burger. KFC I will be back and the Dirty Louisiana will once again be all over my face!

Burger Rating: 10/10


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