Bo Drake, London… Korean BBQ!

Bo Drake, 6 Greek Street, Soho, London

wp-1489422427401.jpgI’ve been to Bo Drakes a couple of times and it is by far one of my fav places. It’s a mix between the two best types of food EVER – Asian and BBQ!

It’s a small restaurant in Soho at the end near Soho Square. I would definitely recommend booking before coming here as it is always packed out.

The restaurant itself has both a bar area that you can sit at and tables. The staff are really friendly and always happy to help – I called and changed my booking three times and they were still very friendly!

The menu is a mix of small plates – great for sharing. I usually see a few things on the menu and want them all so small plates are, I think, the best thing ever in a restaurant!

The waitress came over and gave us a quick breakdown of how it worked and also what thewp-1489422406209.jpg specials were – not that we took any of it in – she spoke, we nodded and smiled, she left and we all turned to each other hoping someone had picked up something! Luckily the specials menu was behind us.

We ordered some Korean and Japanese beers and then between 5 of us we ordered; KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), Bugogi Beef Sliders, Spicy Crispy Squid, Miso Glazed Baby Back Ribs, 2 x Bo ssam, Black Sushi Rice Risotto and Sweet Potato Fries.

wp-1489422387440.jpgFirst to come up was the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), Bugogi Beef Sliders and Spicy Crispy Squid. Obviously I went straight for the wings. They were sticky and sweet with a good crunch and a little bit of heat. AMAZING!!! Completely different from my previous 10 rating in Union Kitchen & Tap but an equal competitor. If there are a few of you I would definitely recommend ordering 2 portions of the KFC!

The Beef Sliders were also amazing, they had a nice sweet chutney in them and came with a mayonaisy type burger sauce. The spicy squid was just right, crispy but not tough and again came with a dip. There were two people in our group that are not massive fish food fans however really enjoyed the squid.

Next came the Miso Glazed Baby Back Ribs, 2 x Bo ssam, Black Sushi Rice Risotto and wp-1489422359793.jpgSweet Potato Fries. The Risotto was actually black.. like black black, I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it to be given its name but it was tar black. My sister said this was her favourite dish and she is not a massive fan of fishy food! So it was goOoOod. The sweet potato fries were perfect and came with a little mayonaisy spicy sauce and the ribs were sticky and saucy. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Bo ssam; this is a pulled pork with lettuce leaves and dips, its like making tacos but with lettuce – healthy!

My favs were definitely the wings and the Bo ssam, closely followed by everything else!! There was nothing left at the end which I think says a lot!! I will definitely be coming back here again.


What Bo Drake’s says about itself:

“Bó Drake is an East Asian Restaurant

Our food is modern and bright, combining sweet and pickled influences from East Asia alongside slow cooked BBQ methods from the Americas and Europe.”

Dinner Venue Rating: 10/10

Wing Rating: 9/10


6 thoughts on “Bo Drake, London… Korean BBQ!

  1. laughingisthecure says:

    Hey I used to live in the UK and never heard of this! Though they don’t look completely Korean, they look yummy. Love the Hite beer as well! By the way thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it 😀


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