City Social, London… It’s dark!

wp-1489422464735.jpgCity Social, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London,

Ok so this place is fancy.. real fancy! I didn’t even know it existed its that fancy! I don’t think you would unless someone has taken you there or you’re a fancy city type!

It’s in Tower 42 and it’s the second side door on the right. The sign is not that big so you would never spot it from the street. You walk in and there are two people waiting there who show you to the lift. Again… real fancy and all secretive… I felt like I was going into a speakeasy.

We went up to the 24th floor and out the lift to the left (after walking in a complete circle around the floor) and into the bar. It was soooo dark! Which added to the whole secretive thing. But the first thing you notice – other than the darkness – is the view. It goes all the way round and the windows are floor to ceiling, it’s amazing! I haven’t seen it during the day but it is something to see of a night. The tables are dotted in the windows so you can look straight out.wp-1489422380502.jpg

We got a little table right by the window and ordered some drinks. I went for a pale ale (not so fancy… or so I thought) it only came in a gold goblet, that’s right a GOLD GOBLET!! Like I was Henry VII or something. This really is a place of surprises.

The toilets are also pretty special, they have the view so you can look out while you pee. They also have two cute tables with mirrors, not that you’d be able to do your makeup because it’s dark in there too. One thing that I particularly liked though was that the hand towels were ACTUAL towels and not paper ones – I’ll say it again – FANCY!!

We stayed for a couple of drinks just gazing out at the view. The time flew which is why I decided that it is perfect for a first date:

wp-1489422352479.jpg1. It’s dark;

2. There is always  the view to talk about if all else fails;

3. The drinks are amazing, even the cups are a talking point; and

4. It’s fancy, an impressive little gem.

Lads/Ladies get your partner up here for some brownie points.

There is one down side though – beware the waitresses! They are very attentive, topping up your water and generally seeing if you want more bevvies and/or snacks but it’s dark so you don’t see them coming – you may get a bit of a shock, my mum did ha ha ha.

It’s also not a cheap venue – as you may have guessed – so the waitress aren’t the only thing that may be a shocker!!

Drinking Venue: 8/10






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