Meze, San Diego… A little bit of Greece in America!

Before booking our trip to California we had considered going island hopping in Greece so when we saw Meze we knew we had to try it. The restaurant is in the GasLamp Quarter so close to everything!

It’s described as ‘Greek Fusion’ and that’s exactly what it is! It doesn’t look like a greek restaurant at all – its red and black for starters, so not your traditional blue and white. It also looked as though it probably transformed into more of a bar/club later as there was a DJ setting up and a mix of low and high tables – there weren’t many dining tables really.

We sat down and ordered some cocktails, Bye Felicia! because it sounded hilarious when said in a high pitched voice and a Hibiscus Mojito. The cocktails came quickly and were delicious – perfect!

Our waiter was very helpful and suggested that we order some small plates – SMALL PLATES woOoO hOoO love me some small plates!! We couldn’t decide so started with 2 and kept the menu to decide on some more.

We went for the Tzatziki to start… obviously! You can’t come to a greek restaurant and not get Tzatziki. Then we ordered Souvlaki, a no brainer, and then greek tacos – and in comes the fusion!

The mains came quite quickly and we delved in, it was delicious and gone in no time at all! It was that good that we just ordered the same again ha ha! I would highly recommend both dishes, I reckon we would have gone for another round of the same had we not been so full!

Whilst we sat and finished our drinks, a lady came over taking pictures. Now I am not photogenic… AT ALL! I hate it, it’s just awkward. That is unless I’m drunk then me and camera are besties – until the morning!

We awkwardly smiled, we were asked if we would like to purchase the photo but obviously this was a no! The couple behind us on the other hand were geared up for their photo! They had their pose down, hair flicked, smiles on and…. Beyoncéd it! They bought 2 and it didn’t even put them off that we stared at them the whole time! Pros!


I would recommend Meze for a late dinner and then drinks after as I reckon this place is a good night out also.

Dinner Venue Rating: 9/10


One thought on “Meze, San Diego… A little bit of Greece in America!

  1. adventuredawg79 says:

    This was a fun post! The restaurant also sounds delicious. Thanks for passing along the info. If I’m ever in the area, i will check it out. I love Greek Food. Ok, pretty much any food lol. Happy Travels!


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