Chinese Delight, Frodsham… St Patrick’s Day!

That’s right Chinese on St Patrick’s Day!!


Waiting Area

Now.. there are 2 types of Chinese restaurants – the old school and the fancy modern. Chinese Delight is definitely not fancy and not modern! It is oooollllld school!

You walk in the restaurant over a little bridge and the restaurant is decorated with old dark wood, red carpets and really big ornaments. We were seated in a little ‘waiting area’ where our drinks and food order was taken. A little weird but a nice change.. maybe… I don’t know how I felt about it really.

We aren’t the quietest of groups and were seated in the corner of the restaurant – I wonder


Double Duck and Ribs

why?? The table was a little small for four people – either that or we are absolute beasts!?!

Our waiter, Tomas, was very attentive and did not let a glass go empty. The other staff seemed a little rushed – they didn’t really speak at all just in and out quickly.

The food was basically ready when we sat down and looked soo good – we started with the shredded duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce and ribs in peking sauce… WOW! That is the bonus with the old school Chinese, the food never disappoints. The duck was FIT, the pancakes warm and the cucumber and spring onion fresh, the hoisin sauce just finishing it off! The ribs were equally as tasty; they were full of meat and had a little bit of a crunch under the sauce, I think maybe they had been fried… ooo yeah!


Chicken and Cashews and Deep Fried Chicken

Once we had finished the starters, out came the mains; deep fried shredded chicken with chilli, sauted shredded chicken szechaun style in special garlic & chilli, and sauted chicken with cashew nuts. I LOVE CHICKEN! The Szechuan was SoOoOoO HOT! Maybe a little too hot, my mouth was on fire! The deep fried chicken was amazing, nice and crunchy and also saucy. The chicken with cashews also came with a nice helping of vegetables. It was plate licking good.

Next… DESSERT! We shared two desserts a caramel one and a chocolate one. These were amazing, soo much caramel and chocolate and cream… naughty really naughty!

Once we had finished the plates were quickly cleared away and…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… at first we weren’t sure who it was for and then we saw Tomas carrying a cake with candles across the restaurant to our corner. He put the coffee and walnut cake down and continued singing and clapping! This was completely unexpected and absolutely hilarious – we were crying! He sang the entire song and I wasn’t even sure he was going to stop, it seemed to go on a while!

We left the restaurant feeling full and still laughing. It’s a good Chinese with good food – don’t pay too much attention to the outdated décor!


Dinner Venue Rating: 7/10


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