Greenwich, London… Mother’s Day Surprise!

Mother’s Day weekend and I thought I’d surprise my mum with a little visit from her fav daughter!

img-20170313-wa0008.jpgIf you are ever going from London to Liverpool or the other way, consider getting a train to Crewe and changing. I got return tickets to London for £18 instead of the usual hefty £80+, BARGAIN!

I’d picked a good weekend as the weather was b-e-a-utiful! We decided to take Muffin – the Princess Dog – and go for a stroll in Greenwich. We parked up at the Pelton Arms and walked along the river to the Cutty Sark. There are loads of pubs and we could’ve quite easily had a little day time pub crawl and got a little silly!

The first pub you hit is the Cutty Sark – its a smallish pub – and it was packed. They have tables along the river in the sun and apparently do a pretty good scotch egg!


A little further along and down a back road is the Yacht. You can’t tell from the front, but as you walk through the pub backs onto the river and they have windows all along the back so you can look out. Perfect if you have the usual English weather – rain, cloud, and more rain.

Next is the Trafalgar, about a 5 minute walk from the Yacht so you won’t get thirsty!!imag0240_1.jpg

There is also a little ‘beach’ – I use the term loosely! It’s not a beach beach you wouldn’t sunbath here! Definitely not!

Once you make it along the river front you get to the Greenwich Town Centre and here they have the Cutty Sark and a nice pub called the Gypsy Moth. There is also a Nandos – cheeky! The town gets absolutely packed and there are loads of nice cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and also a market. You also have the painted hall in the Old Navy College and museums if you’re looking for a bit more culture.

We made our way to the Mitre a nice pub on the edge of town and they let dogs in. By this point I was starving! I opted for the fish finger bun with fries – it was 5pm by the point so a lot of the menu had started to sell out, I would suggest getting here earlier!

The food was delicious, the fish fingers were more like goujons, nice and crispy and not too much batter, the bun was perfect and there was a nice little bit of salad in there. The ratio of bun to salad to fish was spot on and topped off with a little tartar sauce. It was gone in a matter of seconds – soz no pic – it was a case of eat or pass out (no lie!).

They also have cucumber water on tap and gave Muffin a bowl of water – everyone was happy!

We had a couple of drinks here and then made our way back this time walking through the Old Navy College.

Day Out Rating: 10/10



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