The Not So Cosy… Cosy Club, Liverpool

During the week I try to eat healthy so when it comes to the weekend I unleash the beast and on this occasion this beast was after cake!

I’ve had my eye on the Cosy Club in Liverpool for a while, It’s located in Liverpool One, above Lindt – a perfect little spot for people watching.

From the outside you can see chandeliers, comfy looking chairs and pictures covering the majority of the walls. It appears from the outside to be very cosy looking and quirky. I was excited – I was picturing tea in proper tea pots with a cup and saucer and a selection of cakes to choose from – the works basically!

We were out shopping at the weekend and thought it’d be a nice little treat to stop in for tea and cake – I wanted carrot cake, fudge cake, muffins and scones with cream and jam – I wanted it all!

We walked in the door and up the stairs, the walls are covered in pictures in ornate frames and you could hear the clatter of plates and cups. We got to the top still looking around; there is a lot going on in there. It was also pretty busy and most of the tables were taken or dirty. A fella came over said to sit anywhere in the lounge area, pointing in front of us.

We had a little mooch around and came back to the first table. It was a bit sticky and smelt funny but it was probably the best option. There was a load of blokes on the table to the left of us, one in a dress and pink wig – stag do obvs – and the rest of the people seemed to be drunk or on their way. Now I’m not against a bit of day drinking and to be fair the previous night I had had my fair share of bevvies but this was not what I was expecting/wanted on this Saturday afternoon.

I had a browse of the menu and realised we may as well have been in a wetherspoons. The tea and coffee section was a small square at the back of the menu… we took one look and left! Where’s the afternoon tea and ornate tea pots and saucers to match the décor?? It was more like stepping into a wetherspoons than a cosy tea place – again, love me a wetherspoons but not for tea and cakes!

I was soo disappointed. The website refers to afternoon tea and had a bit of a 1920s vibe but that was not what we got at all. Soo much potential but in the end just another sticky, smelly, stag do spot! If that’s what your looking for this is probably a great little place but not for a little afternoon tea and cake.

Afternoon Venue Rating: 1/10


One thought on “The Not So Cosy… Cosy Club, Liverpool

  1. Batwoman says:

    Very well written! The way you express yourself is simply amazing!
    At the beginning of the review I was very much hoping that the tea place turns out exactly how you pictured it.. I was rather excited to read on! The description sounded so apt for an afternoon tea spot.
    But then disappointment hit. And I could genuinely feel it in your words.
    I went from excited to disappointed in like 5 seconds! Lol.
    Hoping you find the place you described soon enough and direct me to it when you do 😂 Because now I wanna go there so badly!

    Liked by 2 people

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