La Cantina, Widnes… KEBABS!!

This was a last minute Friday night decision, we had intended on going for a Chinese but after our recent visit to Chinese Delight we thought we’d try a little Mediterranean.

La Cantina was a recommendation and as it was soo close to us we thought we’d give it a go!

IMAG0284_1Usually I would have gone through the menu thoroughly and already picked my meal before even getting to the restaurant but as this was last minute we didn’t really know what to expect.

The website and outside of the restaurant make it look a bit Spanish and rustic with a bull as the logo but inside was completely different. It was very modern and very clean  – not that I thought it’d be dirty, just a little quirkier.

We walked in and had a choice of a couple of tables, we tried them all – obviously. We wanted to be able to see the whole restaurant and people watch but not be in the middle so the watchers would become the watchees, it’s a fine line! Teehee.

We sat down and ordered some wine whilst we looked through the menu. Immediately spotting the ribs and kebab we were sold!

The ribs came up and didn’t really look like much and the presentation was a bit sloppy but oh my god… OH MY GOD they were amazing. The meat just fell off the bone and there was enough sauce to dip the rib back in, it was just heaven. Our only wish was that we’d ordered one each rather than shared them!IMAG0286_1


Now before coming out for the meal we had decided to start a new healthy eating challenge. We had a list of foods we could eat and we’d been on top of it since 9am that morning. This had ended with the ribs, clearly saucy succulent delicious ribs were not on the list and definitely not part of this challenge! I hadn’t even last a day because of them… not even a day but I was not sorry not even a little bit!

We had the perfect seats to see what was coming out of the kitchen and were slightly concerned we’d made the wrong choice, all of the food looked FIT! Then out came our kebabs, the portion was pretty big. It came with a wrap and salad with rice AND chips!

I had opted for a mixed kebab, chicken and beef. The beef was tender and flavoursome but the chicken was the show, it was soo tasty! I’m not sure what the marinade was but I need it in my life!

After dinner, and as the healthy challenge had already been pushed aside.. we ordered a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream bahahahaha. It was warm, soft, gooey it was everything a fudge cake should be!!


I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Kebab Rating: 9/10

Rib Rating: 10/10

17-19 Alforde Street, Widnes, WA8 7TR


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