Ghetto Golf, Liverpool… Balls, Dogs, Wings and Drinks!

Not sure what I was expecting when we booked to go to Ghetto Golf. I’ve been to crazy golf places before and just been bored after a few holes but I had high hopes for this place.

Its located in an old brewery and had very good reviews. I had also checked out the food menu prior to going and was very excited by the thought of Frank’s dogs and Korean wings (I’ve been obsessed with Korean wings since my trip to Bo Drakes!).

We got there and walked through the gates, the outside is covered in graffiti and there is what looks like an old steel boat just sat up against a wall, it looked a bit like a junk yard to be honest!

We walked in and the first thing you notice is the illuminous graffiti everywhere! There is soo much going on, it looks crazy! The music was quite loud – old skool hip hop and R&B which was great! Usher 8701 blasting out – perfect!

While we waited for some more people to arrive we went to the bar to order a drink. The cocktails were written up above the bar in graffiti; we ordered ‘Nufing but a G-ting’, ‘Gin on the Green’ and a ‘Fluffer’. All gin based cocktails, all extremely delicious.

We went to the desk to book in and was given green wristbands and a little buzzer that would go off when it was our turn. This was great as it meant there was no queuing or waiting around. We walked back round to the bar area and grabbed a seat.

When we were called we had to walk through an old caravan to start the course. The first hole proved difficult for everyone – only 1 person scoring less that a 6 ha ha ha. We were crying and it was already soo much better than other crazy golf places I have been to.

The further round the course we got the more hilarious it was, the courses were soo varied. We also didn’t have to wait around for the people in front as there was a 6 put rule, so there was no time to get bored.

There were 18 holes in total and it took us just over an hour to complete. There are a lot of obstacles so be careful on your way round – a few gins and you could fall over taking out a large barrel?!? Just a warning!

When we had finished our round we headed over to Franks. Now this I had been looking forward to. I’d  been eyeing up the menu for over a week and decided I wanted it all!

I ordered the Burning Hound to the Ground, the New Yorker and the Korean Wings! I could not wait and it did not disappoint.

The Burning Hound – a hot dog with a pork dog, chilli, sour cream and jalepenos, it was just delicious! The pork dog snapped when you bit into it and it was also a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The New Yorker – a hot dog came with a beef dog with pickles, sauerkraut and crispy dried onions which gave it a nice crunch. Both were amazing but the pork dog had a little more snap so I’d say overall the better choice.

Now onto the wings – WOooowowowowowowowowow! They were perfect, really saucy but not sloppy and the chicken was so white! All the food just tasted soo fresh!

I would definitely recommend this place for the golf, the drinks and the food! Overall a really good evening and I didn’t lose!!

Dog rating: 10/10

Wing Rating: 10/10




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