The Yacht by Hayley

I was having one of those days when you just want to eat something greasy and disgusting so I suggested going to the pub for lunch – my other half Tom jumped at the idea because this doesn’t happen often with me. 

We mosied on down to The Yacht in Bexleyheath – having been here before at the weekend we were aware that there was a good chance we wouldn’t get a parking space or might have to wait for a table. Luckily for us neither were a problem. 

This is a Flaming Grill pub which has a menu made up of mainly a steak, burgers and wings. After the popularity of Man vs Food, heart attack inducing challenges seem to be popping up all over the place and at The Yacht it is no different. We didn’t go in for a challenge but saw a few of them come out of the kitchen and wow they were big. 

So we ordered the dip n flip burger. Dip ‘n’ Flip is one of those trendy burger bars dotted around London offering delicious gravy dunked burgers and meat sandwiches – so staying true to the name this burger was loaded with onions cheese beef brisket with a side of gravy. When the burger came out it looked nothing like the picture but they very rarely do. We were given XL burgers which meant we had two beef patties instead of one – this wasn’t what we had ordered but we just went with it and I have to say it was too much. It was a nice burger, Tom demolished it – but it defeated me. If it had just one beef patty the ratio of meat to bun to onions and cheese would have been just right. The chips that came with it were your basic deep fried flavourless skinny fries – always disappointing because you can’t beat a good chip. We also got a side of macaroni cheese which I really enjoyed but Tom was disappointed that it didn’t come with a crisp layer of cheese on top – it wouldn’t surprise me if this came out of a tin. 

All in all, for pub grub the burger was much better than I expected, the no frills sides were what I would usually associate with a ‘just came out of the packet’ type dinner – it satisfied my junk food craving, I won’t be rushing back but I would recommend it if you are in the area looking for something cheap and cheerful. 

Tom’s review “Better than Wetherspoons, not as good as a restaurant”


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