Day Drinking, Liverpool… Gin and then more Gin!

Liverpool is a city full of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops and there are always new places opening. I’ve had 2 on my list for a while now – McKenzie’s and Jenever.

McKenzie’s is a whisky bar located on the corner of Rodney St and Hardman St and use to be a HSBC Bank.

As you walk in it is very nicely decorated and modern with quirky little bits and pictures located all around the bar. The pictures in particular are hilarious… some a little creepy.

The place is also very clean and the music was just at the right level that it could be heard but you didn’t have to talk louder over it.

As it was only 4 in the afternoon we opted for a beer instead of getting on the whiskey – I’m generally not so sensible. They had a good selection of wines, craft beers and ales and over 30 gins to choose from – not just a whisky bar!

The staff were very friendly and we were recommended a Beavertown Gamma Ray Pale Ale. It came in a quirky little can and was pretty good.

McKenzie’s is a really nice bar for an afternoon drink.

Jenever is a gin bar located on Hope St. It is quite small upstairs but also has more seating downstairs.

As soon as we walked into Jenever we felt at home. We sat on stools at the bar – I love propping a bar! The owner, Steve Miller, asked us what kind of mood we were in… ‘SILLY!’ We’re always in a silly mood. We were recommended the strawberry slinsgy gin and a raspberry gin with ginger ale. There were over 100 gins to choose from so the help was needed!


The staff were very friendly and extremely entertaining – one of them had been out the night before, it was really funny to watch the hangover unfold! We had thought we would only have 1 but as we were having such a good time and the drinks were so good we stayed for another cheeky double gin. Our second choice was a mango gin and a lemon one, again these were really tasty.

I also noticed that they do a gin tasting – 4 gins with fruit and tonic to compliment the gin – $25pp. It looked really good, the gins were doubles and there looked to be plenty of fruit and tonic.

The owner continued to chat to us, I think he said he use to be a comedian. We were slightly tipsy before we knew it and were running a little late for the next stop Ghetto Golf.

I will definitely be coming back and cannot recommend the place enough.

Cocktail: 10/10


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