Coppa Club by Jane

The Coppa Club was somewhere we had wanted to go to since we stumbled upon it at Christmas – the perfect place for mulled wine and great views from a cosy snug! Unfortunately this was also everyone else’s idea and we weren’t fast enough to the punch, so as Christmas was sol out, we booked for an April evening instead.

When we got there it was still light and on first inspection it wasn’t at all what I expected. From the pictures on the website, I thought the balcony would be much higher and the igloos were made from glass, so I was slightly underwhelmed. I will point out that after looking at the website again, you can clearly see zips on the igloos, so that was my bad!

Inside the igloos themselves it was very cosy; there was 8 of us so we had one to ourselves, you may have to share if there are less of you! On the back of each chair was a kind of fur blanket which I LOVED – I get cold real easy but it was like sitting on one of those warm hugs from the cuppa soup advert.

We ordered some sharers to start: sausage rolls, chorizo in some kind of sticky sauce, olives, and sourdough with olive oil. The portions were real small and nowhere near enough for the 8 of us but we made do! The bread was so fresh and warm and the sausage rolls were so tasty but the star of the show was the chorizo, Holy Moses it was goOoOod!! It sort of tasted like the salt beef bagels you get in brick lane (also a must try!).

For mains I went for the steak and chips, even after being reminded of the two rules I usually stick to as I am a steak snob – don’t order steak from somewhere that doesn’t specialise in steak, which Coppa Club doesn’t, and only order if it’s fillet, which it wasn’t. I only have myself to blame for the chewy and tasteless slab of animal that was put in front of me… The chips were good though!


For afters the waiter recommended the sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and honeycomb slices. “It’s amazing” he said. This was a LIE. It looked like one of those microwave pots, and it was only lukewarm. Thoroughly disappointed. Also tried a bit of the mini butterscotch pudding, also disappointing.

Overall the night was a good one – despite the food being average, the atmosphere was relaxed, the views were great and the music was good! For the whole meal and a few drinks it was great value at £30 a head, and I think it’s one of those places everyone should visit once. It’s a great place for a chilled meal and some drinks, but if you’re looking for something a little faaancier check out Nancy’s review on the City Social.

Dinner Venue Rating: 7/10



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