Salt House Tapas, Liverpool… Chocolate Dream!

I have been here a couple of times and always enjoyed the food.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and is located at the bottom of Hanover St opposite John Lewis. Its round so the inside looks really good, the seats curve along the left as you walk in and the bar and kitchen are to the right. There is also a mezzanine with further seating however it is not that big so if you are thinking of coming here I would suggest booking as it does get very busy.

On looking at the menu they had four different sections – meat, fish, vegetable and pudding but nothing really took my fancy which was disappointing. They also have a gin menu and craft beers.

I waited until the waitress came back and then ordered the 3 that took my eye first… the sizzling prawns, baby chorizo in honey and the salt beef with creamed potatoes, pickled mustard seed and veal jus.

The food came as and when it was ready, so some people had to wait a lot longer than others depending on what they had ordered. The meats took the longest. If I had come with a different group of people we probably would have just ordered a mixture of dishes and shared but on this occasion we each ordered 3 dishes.

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much as the choices didn’t really get me that excited. First up was the prawns…


… they were soo good! I love prawns and the meatier the better. These were FAT prawns in chili and garlic they were just amazing.

Next up was the baby chorizo in honey…


… WoOoOW! The looked like cherry tomatoes but tasted absolutely delicious. They weren’t too greasy and the honey made them a little sweeter. They were just soo good!

I was now looking forward to the final dish, the first 2 were amazing, up came the salt beef…


… just deeeeelicious! I don’t know why I had doubted the menu, I have never had a bad meal here. The beef was tender the mash creamy and then you had the crunch of the pickles and a hint of mustard. It was perfect!

After 3 amazing dishes I was not turning down a desert, I went for the dark chocolate pot with Chantilly cream and cherries and this time I was very excited!

I was not disappointed… it was a lot bigger than I expected and was just smooth dark chocolate all the way down! I was soo stuffed after this and it was the perfect finish to such a good meal.

My only criticism would be that the staff were not at all friendly, out waitress in particular was moody and seemed generally annoyed at us!

Dinner Venue Rating: 8/10


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