Gin Festival, Amsterdam… More Gin Please!

As soon as we saw Gin Festival, we were sold! The tickets were 21 euros each and for the price you got a gin tasting glass, a book to make notes on the gins you tasted and the price also included all of your gin! That’s right any gin that you wanted to taste was included – BARRRRGAIN!!!!!!

The venue was located across the river from Central Station (the boat trip was also included as was a cheeky celery gin on the boat, schweeeet!). The boat came around every 30 minutes or so and just went back and forth all day. There were two separate times for the festival either 1pm to 5.30pm or 6.30pm to 11.30 pm, we opted for the later time and arrived about 6.45pm.


On arrival we picked up our tasting glasses and books and began the rounds.. gin please, more gin please, another gin please. It was amazing, there were loads of different stalls with a variety of different gins, you could choose whether to taste just as a shot or have it in a mix. There was also a stall spraying gin into your mouth… so weird! We knew as soon as we arrived that this would get messy fast ha ha!

I would provide a list of the gins I tried and my detailed description however after 2 or 3 gins the book went out the window, so I just took a lot of pictures instead!

All of the staff behind the stalls were really friendly and told stories about each of the gins… some were interesting, others not so much! I think they could tell we were not there to hear stories, maybe this was due to the birthday tiara I was wearing or the 7 people in party hats I was with?!? We’ll never know!

After an hour or so of tasting, we headed out for food. There wasn’t the biggest selection – a sushi van, seafood van, cake and sandwiches and then beef burgers. I headed to the seafood truck and picked up a fish burger!

WOWZA, it was soo good! The fish was lightly battered and just melted in your mouth, the bun was fresh and slightly toasted and the salad was crunchy. I’m not sure what sauce was on it but it tasted real good! This could have been the gin talking but I dubbed this burger theee BEST fish burger I’ve ever had (this is also the only fish burger I’ve ever had!).

We stayed at the festival until around 10pm at which point everyone had definitely had enough gin!

We took the boat back as the sun was setting and the boat driver played his harmonica ha ha. It was a really good day out and I would definitely recommend it, for the price you can’t really say no!


Day Out Rating: 10/10

Visited On: 20 May 2017

No. of People: 8


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