Duttons, Chester… Style over Substance!

We’d spotted Duttons on a shopping trip to Chester a while ago and have been looking forward to coming back and trying it. It’s down a little side road off the main row of shops, it also has a little outdoor bit. This was not a day to be sat outside though, standard English weather!

The menu looked amazing, partly due to the fact they had small plates, my absolute fav! They also had Elderflower, all the signs for an excellent lunch.


The venue itself was a lot bigger inside than I expected, the décor was really nice although it did feel a bit like a chain restaurant.

We started with the warm breads, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. The bread was amazing, it was warm and there was a lot more than I expected. Probably enough for 4 people… the 2 of us still finished it though obvs! No self control when it comes to food!


Next we ordered some small plates, sticky chicken wings in bourbon glaze (wings wings wings.. mmmmmmm), peeled prawns crayfish & avocado salad with Marie Rose sauce and maple glazed chipolatas with honey and mustard dip. This all came on one slate and all looked really good, after the bread we were expecting delicious things!

It was a massive let down… MASSIVE! The wings were sloppy, the skin was very slimy and the BBQ sauce that came with it was just standard, nothing special at all. It also tasted a bit weird like old meat – grim.. really grim!


The sausages in honey glaze were ok, again a little slimy, no snap on the sausage and a bit greasy. The honey and mustard sauce however was really tasty and made them taste a bit better.

Next the prawns and crayfish with marie rose sauce, this again was sloppy, there was soo much sauce that you couldn’t taste the prawns or crayfish. We didn’t even finish the meal which I think says it all!


Everyone else in the restaurant seemed to have ordered wrap and chips, so we concluded that it’s probably better to stick to the basics if ever you visit Duttons and save the wings for a proper BBQ restaurant.

On the plus side the service was excellent, but no enough to save it. I probably won’t come back, maybe try botanist across the road if you’re in the area??

Lunch Venue Rating: 3/10

Visited On: 17 April 2017

No. of People: 2


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