Flinck, Amsterdam… Bohemian Brunch!

When checking into our apartment we had been told by our host to check out De Pijp, so we decided to rent some bike (when in the dam) and cycle there.

We got to the Heineken factory and knew we were close. We parked up our bikes, this proved a lot harder than we had imagined. There are bike stands everywhere however there are also bikes EVERYWHERE! The bike locks also proved more difficult than they should. This could have been due to the boozing the night before but I maintain that mine was faulty!

Once we locked in all 6 bikes, on top of each other – extra security – we headed to the main strip of restaurants and bars. It’s a really nice place with plenty of restaurants and outdoor seating.

We spotted Flinck… I think it was the goats cheese dish that drew everyone in and we pulled up a seat outside.

The menu looked soo good and I did struggle to decide. I ended up ordering goats cheese with Serrano ham on whole wheat bread.

It came up and looked soo good, it also came with rocket (they love the rocket here!) and a drizzle of balsamic… yuUuuUuuUmmmMm!


It was really tasty, not exactly what I expected – I thought there would be more cheese – but it was very well balanced and had just the right amount of everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would be here all the time if I lived here – dangerous ha ha!


Lunch Venue Rating:   8/10 (bit slow on the service)

No. Of People: 6

Visited On: 21 May 2017


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