Amstelhaven, Amsterdam… Riverside Boozing!

On our way back from our cycle to De Pijp we crossed over one of the many rivers/canals and spotted a nice looking bar on the river…

IMG_0238We couldn’t resist stopping for a cheeky bevvy in the sun! Once we got the bikes locked up… a little easier this time I think we’d got the hang of it after Flinck. We walked back over the bridge and sat on the corner sofa outside.

No one was really sure what to order, no one except my sister Hayley who went straight in with an aperol spritzer – oOooOooO no idea what it is but after a few confused looks 6 aperol spritzers it was!!

We were very happy sitting on the sofa sipping our fruity sparkly beverage, that is until we spotted the boat! Yes that’s right this river side bar also has a boat…or does it!

We propped up onto our boat and took over one side with a sofa, table and 2 airchairs..  perfect!

We were all having a good time watching the boat go by and sipping our drinks in the sun. After about half an hour a bloke got on the boat and said he was leaving soon but we were welcome to join him, ha ha ha we all laughed obviously he was joking.

We carried on drinking and about 10 minutes or so passed. A couple more people got on.. his mates we assumed, then a couple of bikes and food. We all started whispering that it was a bit of a piss take, as if you would bring your own food to a bar/café… cheeky! It wasn’t until the booze and sound system turned up that we realised he had not been joking… this was not part of the bar… we had commandeered a boat!!

This is a great little bar even if the boat isn’t included ha ha!

Day Drinking Venue: 9/10 (with the boat 10/10)

No. of People: 6 – 8

Visited on: 21 May 2017



One thought on “Amstelhaven, Amsterdam… Riverside Boozing!

  1. The Shower of Blessings says:

    Hi Nancy, nice meeting you. Thank you for sharing your Amsterdam photos. We went there a few years ago and had a fun time visiting Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank’s house, the diamond factory, the wooden thong factory and the cheese factory. Thank you for stopping by and like my post. Keep in touch. I just follow you!

    Liked by 1 person

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