P-King, Amsterdam… Every Cuisine on the Menu!

We had come to Amsterdam for my birthday weekend and so decided to go for a nice meal one night. We had strolled the around the canals and were all getting a little hangry when we spotted P-King. It was on a corner and by the canal, it looked nice so we thought we’d give it a go.

We looked over the menu and quickly realised that this restaurant did not do just one type of cuisine, we had indian, chinese, turkish, italian, Mexican literally everything was on this menu.

We started with a selection of starters including, an Italian platter, Turkish bread and nachos.

We also got the gins and espresso martini’s on the go, after the Gin Festival we had discovered a local gin called Damrak which has orange in and is delicious!

The starters came up and were DEVOURED! They were all delicious, I did manage to get a picture of the bread and that’s about it ha!

It was a difficult decision for the main – there was just soo much to choose from. I was torn between the sticky Asian ribs, the curry and the steak!? I went for the ribs and I was not disappointed…

The ribs were soo meaty, sticky and a little crunchy at the ends, the chips were crispy but still had a good amount of potato in and the dip selection perfect… BBQ, mayo and tzatziki! Soo good!!

We did also order dessert a cheesecake and a chocolate fudge cake! These went extremely quickly so unfortunately I do not have any pictures… soz. They were amazing! We finished off the meal with a round of shots.. shots… shots.. shots! We did it in kind of a Mexican shot wave!

There was only 1 waiter / barman in the restaurant he was very good and also funny. The food did take a little longer than usual but it was that good that no one really minded.

Dinner Venue Rating: 8/10

No of People: 8

 21 May 2017



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