Wolfies Kitchen, Brighton… Bridesmaid’s Brunch

My sister is getting married next year, so we all went to Brighton for the final dress fitting…exciitttiiiinggg!!

After seeing the dress and trying on every veil they had to offer (had to be done!) we went to go to a nearby pub for breakfast and  a little bubbly… OoOoOoOo… but it was closed!

So we ended up in Wolfies Kitchen just a few doors down. It looked really nice from the outside and as soon as I saw cornbeef hash on the window I knew this was the place!

We walked in and sat down, it was very nicely decorated and modern, there wasn’t any bubbly – devastated – but they had tea and juice so everyone ordered both.

We ordered our food, corn beef hash, avocado and poachies on toast and a full English for mum. It came up pretty quick and looked real good…

The corn beef hash was huge, I slightly regretted getting the cheese on top as it made it a little greasy but it was delicious all the same.

The poachies with avocado and tomatoes on toast was all separate which we thought was a little weird, and slightly awkward to make as there wasn’t much space on the plate. It probably would have been easier if they’d layered it up for us.

I am told the fry up was also delicious!

It was a nice cafe for breakfast, brunch or lunch, it didn’t smell greasy like some cafes and the food was really nice. I would come back if i was ever in the area again and hankering for some salt beef.

Brunch Venue: 8/10

No. of People: 5

Visited On: 22 April 2017


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