The Quarter, Liverpool… Dill Pickle Mayo!

I have been to the Quarter a couple of times before, it’s at the bottom of Faulkner Street by Hope Street.

It looks great from the outside with all seats along the front and is a really nice place to stop for a drink if its a nice day.

The restaurant is very noisy when you walk though the door, but we had booked and were seated further down towards the back where it is a little quieter. We had a look through the menu, I had chosen a couple of days ago but had a browse anyway – you know just in case they’d added a gem in the last 24 hours. They also had a board with specials.

We started with the hummus, which came up with a variety of vegetables. All I can say is… WEIRD! Real weird, there was a whole spring onion, broccoli, asparagus, bean sprouts all raw ready to dip in. Now I get carrots, peppers, pitta. But a spring onion, mate that’s wrong! I tried it anyway and just confirmed by initial reaction… WEIRD! Also the actual hummus was just bad, tasteless.


I was then slightly concerned about my main option, the New York pizza, but there was no need. It was exquisite, that’s right, exquisite from the first to the last bite. It could have been the dill pickle mayo or the crispy bacon or the pastrami or maybe just the proportions were right. I don’t know but it was gooooooood!


We all devoured our mains, which made up for the disappointing starter. The others all chose off the specials menu and they all looked amazing.

Dessert also did not disappoint. They have a big cake stand right at the front of the shop, one portion is easily enough for two (not something I say a lot!).


I had the rocky road, WOOOooOOooooooooooooOOOOoOoW!!!!!

I’ll back Quarter, I’ll be back!

Dinner Venue: 8/10 (sort out your starters)

No of People: 4

Date Visited: 13 May 2017



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