Hickory’s, Chester… MEAT FEAST!!

I have wanted to come here for aggggeeesss, mainly because you cannot beat BBQ food and also I had heard very good reviews about it.

We were in Chester for the day so it was the perfect excuse to go to Hickorys for dinner. I was expecting greatness!

The restaurant looks really nice from the outside, it has outside seating overlooking the river, but inside is pretty basic. There are some booths, but the tables are just average nothing fancy… but then it’s BBQ as long as the food is good I don’t need fancy!

We ordered some drinks, a little Dixie beer for me, seen as we were in an American restaurant. We also ordered starters, a platter and mains all to come at once…. in hindsight this may have been a bad idea! Food everywhere!

It was everything I dreamt it would be.

The wings were deliciously sticky, with loads of juicy meat on them. The frickles, oh the frickles! Now I’ve had these in America and the pickles were sliced then fried, they were nice, but these were whole pickles, WHOLE PICKLES that had been fried… WoOoOoOoW!

Next the ribs, we had 3 different kinds, ha ha ha ha, I’m pretty sure I was meat delirious! They were all good, not a bad rib in the bunch!

The brisket was juicy in the middle and crispy on the outside, just how it should be. The sausage, now this I was like eh ok not fussed its a big sausage… but the flavour in that sausage was just glorious!

The spicy pork beans, chips and coleslaw were all equally amazing, there was not one thing that I could say let the side down!

So after all that, I was ready for my sugar fix. Bring on the dessert menus please!

We opted for the cheesecake and the marshmallow thing! The marshmallow was basically marshmallows in a pan cooked with cream. It was very sweet and very sickly, probably won’t go for that again.

But the cheesecake… WINNNNNNEEERRRR! I thought the pretzels and the popcorn and all the bits would be a bit much – I do like a nice New York style cheesecake – but this was soo good and all the extras just added to its deliciousness!

I will be coming back very soon! Spread the word, Hickorys got the goods! HICKORYS GOT THE GOODS!!

Dinner Venue: 10/10

Ribs Rating: 10/10

Wings Rating: 10/10

No. of People: 4

Visited On: 15 May 2017


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