CAU, Liverpool… Argentinian Lunch!

I was out for lunch with work and we decided to try out CAU, it’s just down the road and has an offer lunch menu, 2 courses for £10.95 – bargain!

To me the lunch menu choices were an easy pick; Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings with Smokey Aioli – winner and  The Buenos Aires Reuben – Salt beef, CAUslaw, dill pickle and Monterey Jack cheese served with chunky potato wedges – double winner!

It came up and just look FIT!

It’s a little tricky eating wings with work, you can’t quite throw your face into it as you would with friends! A couple of people tried to use a knife and fork which was just comical. I went for what I considered ‘dainty bites’ but still managed to end up with a face full of crumbs and sauce.

The wings were alright, crispy with a little heat and a fair amount of meat. I do tend to like mine with the sauce on though rather than as a side. The sauce was also more like mayo than anything else – not that smokey.

The main was also an issue as it was stacked! Again, I am not a knife and fork kind of girl especially with food that clearly requires being picked up and devoured. I went straight in for it – sauce everywhere – by this stage there was no point in ‘dainty bites’ this beast was on a roll. It was amazing, the meat was juicy, the pickle just perfect and the bread lightly toasted. It was delicious.

I can’t say that everyone was quite so impressed with their choices?! Those who went for the steak and ‘rocket salad’ had definite food envy! This was thin strips of beef on a plate, like deli thin and a bowl of rocket. I was very smug with my amazing sandwich and side of what was basically roast potatoes mwahahahahaha.

I would recommend for lunch, just make the right choice! You have been told!

Lunch Venue Rating: 9/10

Wing Rating: 7/10

No of People: 9

Visited On: 17 May 2017

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