Brompton Food Market, Kensington… Secret Garden!

Brompton Food Market, South Kensington –

I was in London being a tourist and doing a bit of site seeing when I found this little spot. We’d decided to go to the Natural History museum so obviously needed a substantial lunch as that place is not only huge but an absolute maze, which is only more confused by the unreadable maps! Do not buy the maps!

We came out of South Kensington tube station and found this place just round the corner. From the outside it looks like a nice little deli and we thought it was perfect for lunch!

Inside it looks exactly like a deli, pretty simple tables and a massive deli counter with all kinds of delicious looking meat and cheese and more meat and more cheese and hanging meat and blocks of cheese, there is also some salad bits in there!

Outside however is soOOoOo nice! It’s like a little secret garden, absolutely perfect. It gets you away from the busy road and as it was a nice day we opted to sit outside.

The menu was full of things that I wanted however as we were at a deli I went for the Charcuterie board and it did not disappoint. I did have slight food envy when I saw the Santa Fe Salad come up because… well… look at it… it’s AMAZING!


Mine was tasty, the meat was from the counter and tasted as good as it looked, although I could’ve done with a bit more bread! Carbs are my friend – said no one EVER but when I’m eating bread I’m going for it!


Overall this is a great little place. It’s not cheap but its Kensington nothing is cheap, it is however delicious and has a great outdoor space to get away from it all.

I would definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Lunch Venue Rating: 9/10

Date Visited: 14 July 2017

No. of People: 2

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