The Real Greek… In Stratford.

The Real Greek, Stratford, London –

We were in Stratford to see the Olympic park and after traipsing around what seemed like the whole of Stratford… actually I’m pretty sure it was the whole of Stratford… we went into Westfield to look for somewhere to have lunch. There were plenty of places to eat however we thought we’d try The Real Greek as were going to Greece in the following couple of months. I’ll say that was the reason and not that we’d left it too late and everywhere else was either full or wouldn’t seat us outside because it was about to rain!

Anyway… as I said the weather wasn’t that great, it was the usual drizzly day. One minute hot, next rain, then hot again, then drizzle spit rain but the place was packed so we sat outside – we were lucky the rain stopped for a couple of hours.

The menu looked amazing and I was glad that Wahacca were being douchey about sitting us outside as the menu looked way better than theirs! So good it was hard to choose from the numerous choices on the meze menu.

We settled for seven dishes – SEVEN – thinking we could pick more if we were still hungry?! We had clearly left it too long to eat thinking seven wasn’t enough for two people.

It took a while to come up (we managed to sink a bottle of wine in the time it took) but when it did it looked and smelt amazing or that was the wine talking – we’ll never know for sure!

I had no idea where to start, the bread smelt soo good and was still warm. The prawns were huge and covered in tomato and feta. The chicken and prawn skewers barbequed to perfection and the big beans (I’m sure they have a real name but??) were sooooooo tasty like soooooo tasty!!

We made our way through the seven dishes and a second bottle of wine in a tipsy frenzy and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

This is a great place for lunch and I would highly recommend this restaurant if you have a bit of time to sit and enjoy the food and wine or Wahacca are full!

If you’re a bit short on time or get hangry easily this is probably not the place for you as it was quite a long wait.

Lunch Venue: 8/10 (I would give it a 10 but that’d be the booze talking!)

Date Visited: 15 July 2017

No. of People: 2

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