Crazy Hour in Hong Kong – By Elise

Carnegies, Hong Kong –

I decided to take a weekend out to visit the crazy city of hong kong, yes I know what you’re thinking it’s a long way to go for a weekend but let me tell you, its so worth the journey!


So on our first night we were a little apprehensive as we hadn’t yet researched the area we were staying but we thought what the hell and took a stroll around the area of Wan Chai. The first place we came across was Carnegies, from the outside it just looked like a small little bar perfect for our first drink! As we went inside we realized it was much more than just a bar hosting live music every Thursday – Sunday. The walls were covered in famous singers and bands and the bar had drinks almost from floor to ceiling with a cool library ladder they used to reach the high booze. We looked around and although the place was small the atmosphere was great so we grabbed a table and ordered 2 victoria bitters.


We’d just spent 12 hours on a flight so neither of us were feeling a big night out but it was crazy hour at Carnegies which meant $25 (£2.40) a beer so of course we ended up getting crazy. Once we realized what crazy hour meant we started to explore the menu a little more, the cocktails were flowing and I must say the espresso martini was just delicious! The Crazy Hour ran from 3-7pm and then they started Happy Hour which was 7-9pm, the prices of course went up but it still came in at one of the cheapest bars to drink in Wan Chai!

We hadn’t eaten for a few hours so ordered some French fries, a pizza and some jalapeno poppers, the fries came out in a large basket accompanied by hot sauce, mayonnaise and salt. WOW! They were perfectly crunchy but still managed to have the right amount of potato, they were gone in a matter of seconds. The pizza was good but you could tell it was a quick packet jobby and if I’m honest the base was a little soggy and the Jalapeno poppers in my opinion were terrible, I even got one with nothing inside?


Around 7pm the live music started and the bar started to fill up, even in such a small bar they still had table service and the service was exceptional. The live music was ok, it was a nice change to the music they had playing before but if you’re looking for a bar just for the live music, this isn’t the place for you.

We stayed in Hong Kong for a total of 3 nights and every night we started at Carnegies, the beer was great, the prices were insane and the atmosphere really got the night started. If you’re staying in Wan Chai and want an easy pint of beer you should check this place out!

And this is the result of a night out in Carengies… crazy hour… happy hour… not so normal hour…



Drink Venue: 10/10

Food Venue: 5/10 (really mixed bag!)

Date Visited: 17 November

No. of People: 2

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