Coppa Club by Jane

The Coppa Club was somewhere we had wanted to go to since we stumbled upon it at Christmas - the perfect place for mulled wine and great views from a cosy snug! Unfortunately this was also everyone else's idea and we weren't fast enough to the punch, so as Christmas was sol out, we booked … Continue reading Coppa Club by Jane


City Social, London… It’s dark!

I did not know this place existed and I don't think you would unless someone has taken you there. It is in Tower 42 and its the second side door on the right. You walk in and there are two people waiting there who show you to the lift. It's all very fancy and secretive... I felt like I was in speakeasy.

Mr Fogg’s Tavern, London… Liquid Lunch

It was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so we decided to take them somewhere a bit fancy for lunch and a few drinks. We had hoped to go to the Gin Parlour and make our way through the gin safari, but we needed a minimum of 6 people and it wasn't open until later, bummer. We reserved a table at the Tavern and were lucky to get a nice little spot right at the back of the Tavern with all the dead furry animals, lovely.