A Little About Me!

Hey, I’m Nancy, I’m 29 years old and a lover of all things delicious.

I was born and raised in south east London with my 3 sisters (they may appear as guest bloggers from time to time).  At the age of 15 I started my first job in a pie and mash shop, Millers, in the good old town of Belvedere. Millers was a lively place where I learnt I could eat in excess of 6 pies in one sitting! One of my proudest achievements! It’s still there and if you’re ever in town you should definitely check out the pies!

After working there for what seemed like a lifetime, 7 years. I decided to pack my bags and see the world. I had a plan that would take me overland from London to Singapore! Having absolutely no car/mechanical experience at all this plan was clearly flawed.. we made it to Luxembourg – just! Luckily enough there is always a plan B. We made it the rest of the way by train, bus and foot! And then took a plane to Australia where we continued down the east coast by car.

When I arrived back England I decided to move a bit closer to London stopping in Greenwich where I frequently woke up with kebab in my pants… no lie!

Eventually the inevitable happened and I got bored of Greenwich, it was time to move on. My younger sister and I decided to move up north to Liverpool and I have been here ever since!

I now continue to travel the globe in search of the best chicken wings ever created and can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me. So if you have any suggestions don’t hold back. GIMMIE THOSE WINGS!